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Guide Build char. Mage Perfectworld

Guide Build Mage

[Guide] FAQ for Magi
1)Can I learn all 3 elements tree? Or there is enough skill points to learn all 3 elements tree?
In begining level 1 to level 19, you can actually max out all the 3 elements skill. But after level 19, you will find that you would not have enough skill points to max all 3 elements trees skills at the max level you could go unless you keep on suicide to farm skill points.
This is because you have more skills to upgrade on every x4 and x9 level as you progress. You will have so many skills to learn but so little skill points to spend on it.
That is why, most guide will recommend that you focus only on a single elements or two elements tree at the most so that you can focus upgrading the skills to the maximum level as possible. The higher the skill level the more damaging the skills is. So, a level 2 skill is more damaging than a level 1 skill.
After all, the casting time is still the same no matter which level the skills you are using.
You will want to kill the mobs as soon as possible to reduce damage taken and also to conserve your mana as mage skills consume tonnes of mana.
Later on around 90++ level, you could max out those skills you ignore earlier.
Oh btw, those who say it is easy to farm skill points, take note of this, later skills requires few hundred thousand skill points to learn it
2)Which skills that I do not have to learn or max out?
The skills that you can left at level 1 (no matter what elements you major in) as below:
Flaming Torch
Roasting Fire Array (Max if into Cons build and AoE leveling)
Sacrificial Fire Storm (Max if into Cons Build)
Cold Dew
Frost Enchanted Weapon
Hail Storm (Do you even learn it??)
MoistCuring (dunno about the rest but I leave it at lvl 1 until I reach level 59, then upgrade to level 5 so I can have Wisdom sutra)
Sand Vortex
Distant Shrink (if not into PK and Forest Ruins)
3)Is my build correct? Or what is the best build.
a)Pure Int Build (Nuker Build)
Every 2 level, 9 int, 1 str
Pros – Highest damage Dealer in all skills except Sacrificial Fire Storm. Highest magical defense
Cons – Glass Nuke..meaning very fragile with low hp. Need hp plus equipment and add hp stone.
b)Hybrid Build (Common Build)
Every 2 level, 8 int, 1 str , 1 cons
or 6 int, 1 str, 3 cons
Pros – Hp higher than Nuker. Still need some hp stone added to equipment
Cons – A bit lower deals when compare to Nuker. A bit lower magical defense compare to nuker.
c)Light Armour Build (Balance Armour – Not recommended for newbies)
Every 2 level, 6 int, 2 str, 2 agi.
Pros – Have highest critical rate in all builds. Have higher physical defense compare to robe magi.
Cons – Lower hp as same as nuker class. Lower magical defense than hybrid. Deal damage compareable to cons hybrid
d)Heavy Armour Build (Not recommended for newbies)
Every 2 level, 6 int, 3 str, 1 agi
Pros – Highest physical defenses. (Even higher than werebeast and warrrior due to 150% bonus physical defenses by earth barrier). Can tank against low level bosses at higher level.
Cons – Low hp as same case as a nuker. Deals dmg comparable to cons hybrid. Lowest magical defence
e)Cons Build (HP Build – Not recommended for newbies)
Every 2 level, 3-6 int, 3-7 cons, 0-1 str.
(Trade off between more HP or able to use latest weapon)
Pros – The highest HP in all mage build. Can tank bosses at your level due to high hp. Deals the most damage in Sacrificial Fire Storm.
Cons – Trade between dmg or HP.
Summary (Assume Cons build wearing Robes and trade off dmg for more cons)
Damage(general) —- Nuker > Hybrid // Light // Heavy > Cons
Phy def —- Heavy > Light > Cons // Nuker // Hybrid
Mag def —- Nuker > Hybrid > Cons > Light > Heavy
HP —- Cons > Hybrid > Nuker // Light // Heavy
PK vs melee —- Heavy > Light > Cons // Nuker // Hybrid
PK vs magic —- Nuker > Hybrid > Cons > Light > Heavy
4)Is there a guide on each and every mage skill?
5)What elements should I concentrate on?
A general description about each element below;
Fire element – Generally offensive tree.
Moderate damage and moderate casting time.
Water element – Generally support type tree.
Low damage and fast casting time.
Have healing, slowing, mana regen, increase mana capasity and zero casting time skill.
The ultimate on this tree is the most damaging one.
Earth element – Generally stunning type tree.
High damage and long casting time.
Have stunning, crippling, teleportation, confusion (causing people to miss their attack) skill.
Usually a magi will go for two elements tree to max it out before maxing the last elements.
For those who always in party and have tanker, a fire + earth elements would be useful. with tanker to support, mage would need to concentrate only on the offensive and fire moderate casting time and earth high damage works well.
For those who always solo and use kiting a lot, fire + water combo will be nice as fire moderate casting time and water slowing work complementing each others.
6)Which skills I should max out first?
The 3 initial elements skills,
1)Blazing Hierogram
2)Spring Rush
3)Rock Fall
as these skills used to fill in the gap for your combo attacks while waiting for higher level skills cool down.
Also max out Ice Shield as soon as possible for mana regen and tanking against ice mobs. Earth Shield should have 2nd priority compare to Ice Shield. Fire Shield should have the last priority among the 3 shield.
All 3 shield should be max out as soon as possible.
Generally, others skill need to be max out depends on your prefered elements trees. However, refer to FAQ no 2 for those you dont need to max out.
7)Questions about stars and slots.
Stars means quality of the equipment. The more stars means more quality the equipment is.
Max only 3 stars.
The same weapon with one star will do less damage compare to the same weapon with 3 stars.
The same also applied to armours and accessory.
Slots are upgrade options for you armour and weapon.
Max is 4 slots.
You add in soul Stone into the upgrade slots.
Soul stone gives of certain propreties like extra HP, more accuracy, more evasion, more attacks … etc.
8)How do I create glow in armour and weapon?
Weapon glows at 3 stars (blue glow)
Golden Weapon gives yellow/golden glow
Green Weapon gives Green Glow
Orange Weapon == no idea have not see one yet
Adding soul stone to weapon do not make it glow.
For Armour lvl 5 and above, adding 2 lvl 5 and above soul stone will make it glow accordingly to the colour of the soul stone added. Add soul stone if you have too much cash to spare (one lvl 5 cost 60k!!!, lvl 6 cost 240k!!)
9)Which weapon is the best for mage?
Mage basically have 4 type of weapon per 10 lvl. They are categories into wand, magic sword, flag/staff, and wheel. A quick description as below:
Wand – A consistence attacks type with low gap between min and max damage.
Highest min attacks and lowest max attacks
Magic Sword – A popular choice because looks like real sword.
2nd Highest min attacks and 3rd highest max attacks
Warning, Magic Sword is not a SWORD!!
Wheel – Another popular choice for those do not like staff/flag weapon.
3rd Highest min attacks and 2nd highest max attacks.
Staff/Flag – The most damaging weapon but also the most unpredictable weapon due to lowest min attacks.
Lowest min attacks and highest max attacks.
Choices for which weapon to use depends on player preference but majority stick to magic sword/wheel combination to to more consistence attacks.
10)How to kite?
11)Mage AOE skill
a)Hail Storm (You are not going to use it. Cool down too long to be effective on solo)
b)Roasting Fire Array
c)Phoenix Fire Wing
d)Sacrificial Fire Storm
e)Blasting Point (Heaven Faction only)
f)Pyro Edge Tempest
g)Cryonite Dragon
h)Mountain Press
12)What is chanting time and casting time?
Chanting time is the time taken for the blue bar to fill up.
Casting time is the time taken after the blue bar fill up to the effect of the spell taken place.
For example is Rock Fall, the chanting time is 2.0 is the time taken for the blue bar to fill up. The casting time of 1.4 is the time taken for the animation you jump up and throw the rock (meteor??) at the enemy and the rock to reach the enemy.
13)Magic attack calculation/formula
I found this while going into older posting.
magic atk formula is: (1+int/100)*(lvl+wep matk+ring matk)
Visit the link to the post to give credit to the poster.
14)How to know whether a mob attack is magical or physical?
The easiest way to know is to see below the mobs when it attacks you, whether underneath the mobs have a circular Aura or not. If there is a circular Aura when it attacks you that means it is a magical attacks. If there is none, then it is physical attacks.
15)What is the use of Elemental Defense or attacks?
This applies only to magical attacks. By looking at the mobs type and it attacks you with magical attacks, you can know you are been attacks by which element.
For example, if a wood type mobs attacks you with magic, it will be wood based magical attacks on you. So, you magical defense against wood will come into the play to determine how much damage reduction you have against the attacks.
However, not all elemental based mobs attacks are magical. There can be an elemental based mobs but its attacks are purely physical. Refer to post 14 fpr how to know whether it is magical or physical attacks.
The list or elemental strength and weakness as below. Note that “>” means stronger than and “<” means weaker than. The arrangement is “attack element” “> or <” “mob element type”
Fire > Metal > Wood > Earth > Water > Fire
Fire strong against Metal, Metal Strong against Wood …etc
Fire < Water < Earth < Wood < Metal < Fire
Fire weak against Water, Water weak against Earth …etc
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